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  • What kind of positions do you hire for?

    We place hundreds of temporary professional, administrative, and clerical staff with our clients throughout the GTA and the province. Below is a table of some common placements in the last year: Administrative: Administrative Assistant, Project Assistant, File Clerk, Accounts Payable Clerk, Bilingual Receptionist, Procurement Assistant, Document Specialist, Human Resources Clerk, Customer Service Representative, Executive Assistant. Interim Professionals: Interim Executives, Financial Analyst, Senior Policy Analyst, Communications Specialist, Project Manager (IT and Business), Business Process Analyst, Program Manager, Auditor, Procurement Officer, Human Resources Consultant, Cost Accountant, Programmer Analyst, Data Architect

  • I want to be considered for assignments, but I don’t see any postings that interest me. Can I just send you my resume?

    We recommend that you apply for the positions we have posted. If you don’t see any postings of interest right now, you can forward your application for future vacancies by visiting our Application Page.

  • How long do the placements last?

    Each position is unique, and could last from as little as one day to several months. Sometimes we know in advance how long you are needed, and other times it is day by day. Flexibility is an important trait for anyone considering working as a temporary employee.

  • If I am interested in applying, will I have to come to your office for an interview?

    Yes, all qualified candidates will need to come to our Etobicoke office for an interview. We need to meet you in person to get a better understanding of your qualifications, skills, and the type of role you are best suited for.

  • Can I come in to apply and interview on the spot?

    We do not accept walk-in interviews; please submit your resume by email to the appropriate positions posted online.

  • Do I have to pay you any fees to apply?

    Absolutely not. In fact, we will never ask you to pay fees even if you are employed through us. Our clients pay us for your work, and we then pay you. In most cases it is illegal for agencies in Canada to charge the applicant fees.

  • I sent my resume and I haven’t heard back from you. Why not?

    If you submitted your resume and have not received an auto-reply, your resume likely did not make it to us. If you received an auto-reply but we haven’t contacted you personally, it usually means that we are either in the process of reviewing your resume or that you have not been shortlisted for that position. When a position becomes available, short listed applicants will be contacted via telephone. Due to the volume of resumes we receive this processes can take anywhere from two to four weeks

  • Why is a skills test required?

    For certain positions, skill testing is a prerequisite to employment. We test job-essential skills to determine your level of expertise. For example, if a client has indicated to us that they are looking for a candidate with an advanced level of knowledge of MS-Excel, we need to test your Excel skills to make sure you are able to handle the demands of the job. Skill testing is not designed to pass or fail you; rather it is intended to determine whether your skills in a particular area fall into the “basic”, “intermediate”, or “advanced” category.

  • How long will my interview last?

    Your interview will last anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half, depending on whether skill testing is required and what tests you need to complete.

  • I am in a full-time permanent position and looking to leave. Can I send an application and considered for assignments?

    Unfortunately, temporary employment with HR Associates may not be the right option for you in this case. We often have no more than a few days’ or even hours notice of an upcoming position. Therefore, you wouldn’t have enough time to give your current employer proper notice of your resignation. If you have already informed your employer that you are leaving, we can consider you for assignments commencing any time after your current position ends.

  • I worked for you a few years ago - can I reactivate my file?

    Yes. You can reactivate your file by emailing us an updated copy of your resume to Please indicate in the email that you are reactivating your file Our employment consultants will contact you to discuss next steps.

  • What is security clearance? Do I need to have my security clearance to be considered for assignments?

    Security clearance is a criminal background check done for many of our clients including the Federal Government, Provincial Government and many related agencies. Some of our clients require candidates who have undergone the security clearance process in advance of an assignment start date. When you come into our office and meet with one of our recruiters, they will provide additional information regarding the security clearance process.

  • I am currently on assignment with you, and I have questions, where can I get more information?

    Please contact your employment consultant. If you are not sure who your employment consultant is then call 416-237-1500 or email for assistance.

  • If I am placed through HR Associates on an assignment and that assignment ends, will I be immediately placed on another assignment?

    Not necessarily. If we have a suitable position available, it is possible that you may be placed again immediately. If there are no positions available to which your skills are suited, unfortunately we will not be able to place you again until something suitable becomes available.

  • How does the payroll process work?

    If you are currently on assignment you will submit an approved time sheet each Friday. Payroll is processed on Monday and you can expect funds in your account by Thursday.