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We provide a range of services that help our clients achieve their HR goals in a timely and cost efficient way. Whether it is resume screening or referencing, or managing a large scale recruitment project, the advantage of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is in the flexibility. Our goal is to provide a catered service that meets your specific project needs.

  • Component Services

    Clients have the option of acquiring components of the recruitment process to help them reach their project goals. Some of our clients have chosen to acquire assistance with resource intensive and/or time sensitive tasks like job description writing, resume screening and reference checking. We have provided services in every single aspect of the recruitment process; no job is too small or too large.

  • Full Service Recruitment

    Our full service recruitment services are a cost effective alternative to traditional contingency or executive search services. Typical recruitment exercises involve 2 or more vacancies for professional or management level positions and clients experience a cost savings ranging upwards of 50%.

    We manage the recruitment process and strategically involve you as clients to ensure that at the end of the process, you have exactly who you were looking for. You still retain control with the advantage of our extensive recruitment expertise, resources and network.

  • Large-Scale Recruitment Project Management

    We are one of only a small group of recruiters with the expertise to manage large scale recruitment projects. Ranging anywhere from 10 to 300+ vacancies, we have the experience, tools, network and project management expertise to coordinate your large scale recruitment project from beginning to end. Recent projects include:

    • Managing the recruitment process for over 100 elections clerks across the Ontario.
    • Managing the recruitment of 150 young professionals for an Ontario government program for three consecutive years.
    • Hiring of over 150 inspectors in 4 waves of recruitment across 18 locations in Ontario
    • Managing the recruitment of over 200 professional health sector staff in 14 locations throughout the province.
    • Managed the recruitment process for 15 administrative, professional and executive staff for a newly formed agency.

  • Total Recruitment Outsourcing

    A growing trend to improve efficiency in the public and not for profit sectors is to outsource the entire recruitment function to experts. Organizations that contract out their recruitment do so to: concentrate on their core business; access outside experts; more efficiently deal with peaks and valleys and in certain cases to save money. Our impressive team of experienced HR consultants and recruiters have successfully managed a wide range of total recruitment projects for clients across the province. If you’re interested in learning more about how this service could work for you, contact us today.