Our team

  • Mike McClellanJob Design Specialist (I.T./Scientific)

    Mike specializes in job description development, analysis and classification, as well as recruitment, performance management and organizational planning. Mike has over 25 years’ experience in human resources management in the public sector. He has specialist knowledge and experience in several technical fields including information technology, environmental, and other scientific disciplines, primarily with the public and not for profit sectors.

    Mike has extensive knowledge of public sector HR regulations, policies and procedures, job description formats, and the application of job evaluation and classification practices for a variety of compensation systems. In his 10 years with HR Associates, Mike has supported and lead projects to develop job descriptions, performance measures, competencies and organizational structures. Mike is also a recognized expert in designing and writing job descriptions for management and professional level positions in information technology, environmental sciences, policy development, and social services.

  • David WalkerSenior HR Management Specialist

    David Walker is a senior consultant who specializes in providing leadership and management expertise for both program delivery and human resource organizations in the public sector. He has over twenty years of experience providing insights into organizational development and design and has an impressive ability to deliver high quality services in a fast-paced and politically sensitive environment.

    David brings skills and experience in project management, leadership coaching, program and operations review, recruitment, business process analysis, team building, facilitation and managing sensitive and complex human resource issues.

    David has led organizational and cultural change projects as well as projects focused on improving service delivery and customer service. He has worked effectively with community organizations to build local services. As well, David brings unique international experience from working on two projects in South Africa and Uganda.

    David has received numerous awards from the OPS for exceptional leadership, inspiration and collaboration. David is known for his ability to build effective relationships both within the organization and with clients. He believes in giving back to his organization and has dedicated significant time to mentoring, coaching and training aspiring leaders.

  • Huguette ChenardJob Design and Recruitment Specialist (Bilingual)

    Huguette is a human resources consultant with expertise in recruitment, redeployment, job design, organizational design, training and compensation. She has over 20 years of human resources experience working in the public service in both French and English.

    Huguette has experience working on both small and large scale recruitment initiatives throughout the public service including the writing of job postings, developing of selection and screening criteria, screening of applicants, development of interview questionnaires and interview packages for panels. Huguette is also a specialist in the design and development of job descriptions in a variety of occupational disciplines and compensation systems. She has also successfully developed guidelines and procedures for use by line management on HR topics such as recruitment, redeployment, orientation programs for new employees, leaves of absence, hours of work, and employment equity. Huguette’s excellent communication and interpersonal skills ensure that each project’s outcomes meet clients’ expectations.

  • Julie PerryBusiness Process Specialist

    Julie specializes in the areas of business process review (BPR), analysis and re-engineering. She has over 10 years of results-driven experience that includes projects in the government sector in HR and financial services.

    Julie has experience providing organizational effectiveness services, support for the modernization of business delivery models and organizational structures. Julie holds advanced business process review skills, excelling in the areas of interviewing, group consensus building and problem analysis. Julie has experience undertaking the alignment of business processes, resources and organizational structures and in creating and supporting work strategy and implementation plans. She has proven success creating relationships with stakeholders through the appropriate management of their expectations and agreed objectives to achieve optimal outputs. Julie provides a high level of research, analytical and business process expertise to all her projects.

  • Allison ScottJob Design and Recruitment Specialist

    Allison specializes in the areas of job design, description writing and recruitment support. In addition to her over 10 years in consulting, Allison has worked as a human resources generalist and classification specialist in the public sector.

    Allison has extensive knowledge of public sector human resources regulations, policies and procedures, job description formats and a variety of compensation systems. Allison works effectively to provide expert advice and guidance to line management on the recruitment of intermediate to senior level positions, including the development of selection and screening criteria, job ads, and interview questions. Allison has participated on interview boards as an HR advisor, performing reference checking, finalizing and making job offers, conducting post-board evaluations. She has extensive experience participating in large-scale OPS recruitment initiatives.

    Allison is also a specialist in job design and job description writing and has worked on many high profile projects for new or restructuring organizations in the public sector. Although she works in all fields, Allison is very well recognized for her expertise of jobs in the health, communications and policy occupations.

  • Karen WatsonSenior Transformation Consultant

    Karen Watson is a Senior Consultant with extensive experience working with leaders to transform and modernize their organizations. An organizational consultant and project manager, Karen has worked with a wide range of public and not-for-profit sector organizations for more than 20 years to successfully assess, re-design and implement organizational change.

    Karen has a proven track record of providing clients with practical and implementable business solutions to align organizational functions, processes and resources with strategic objectives, outcomes and performance commitments. She has worked with numerous clients on organizational and operational effectiveness reviews, business and operational planning, business process review and redesign, internal service delivery planning and management, shared services organizational design and implementation, performance and outcomes measurement, information and information technology planning and implementation, and development of change management strategies and plans. She has strong knowledge of public sector and not-for-profit administrative management (procurement, human resources and shared services organizations), program and service delivery.

    Karen has extensive experience developing strategies to drive the transformational change agenda, as well as the practical and operational experience to recommend implementation strategies that are workable and achievable.

  • Amy MillerSenior Organization and Job Design Specialist

    Amy has extensive experience in human resources with specialization in job design and description writing, job evaluation, and staffing. In addition to over 25 years as a private consultant, Amy has several years experience as a Compensation Training Officer, Human Resources Generalist and Classification Specialist within the public sector.

    Amy is a senior consultant with specialty in the areas of human resource management and planning, organizational design, job analysis, job design and description writing. Amy has developed and delivered compensation and staffing training programs for human resource personnel and line managers. She has also provided job design and organizational advice, job description writing and job evaluation services for new organizations or those undergoing major structural changes.

    Amy is known for her ability to take conceptual ideas and work with senior executives and managers in successfully implementing organization transformation and designs developed in conjunction with others. Amy is skilled at providing the necessary expertise to ensure the viability of the new structure through job design and structural advice to achieve business goals and objectives and to meet new and changed mandates.

  • Janet CrockerSenior Change Communication Specialist

    Janet Crocker is a senior consultant who has worked extensively in the area of Human Resources and change communications, supporting HR policy and program launches as well as organizational restructuring. Janet has over 15 years of experience in both the private and public sector in areas such as finance, marketing, insurance and health.

    Janet has experience working on change communication designed to drive organizational alignment, engage employees and support adoption of new technology and processes. She has an established record of delivering strategic communications plans and tools, in both print and electronic formats, to ensure the achievement of business objectives. She has developed strategic communications plans addressing the needs of key stakeholders for a variety of clients including retail companies, numerous Ministries and Canadian banks. Janet is well versed in the challenges and protocols related to communicating within a unionized environment. Clients appreciate her commitment to quality, her client-focused approach and her ability to quickly ramp up a new project.

  • Robert WalkerChange Management Consultant

    Robert is a senior consultant with over 40 years of diverse public and private sector experience in senior management as well as internal and external consulting roles. He assists clients in:

    – aligning talent strategies, programs and practices with business strategies;
    – designing options for new or existing organizations to improve effectiveness and better align with new or changing business directions;
    – implementing change with a focus on the people aspects of change and transition;
    – improving individual and team effectiveness.

    Robert has helped organizations of all sizes develop and implement human resource strategies, lead their people through change, build better workplaces, develop and retain key talent and understand and manage their key succession risks.
    Recent consulting assignments include organization effectiveness, change management and talent strategies for Ontario clients in the health sector, a provincial regulatory agency and a provincial ministry.

    Robert uses the best models of change and transitions management (Kotter and Bridges) to assist clients in planning and managing change. He uses lateral thinking tools with clients to innovate and bring creative solutions to new or ongoing problems.

    He is a skilled Myer-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) facilitator and has used this with teams to increase their ability to make constructive use of differences, be more effective at managing change, and better manage performance through communications, feedback and learning.

  • Teri NghiemOrganizational Effectiveness Specialist

    Teri is a senior consultant with specialty in the areas of human resource management and planning, business analysis, organizational design and transformation, organizational effectiveness, employee transition, recruitment, talent management, employee engagement, and workforce analysis. Teri has an impressive 12 year record of delivering superior results on medium to large projects in the public and not for profit sectors.

    Teri has experience working with various organizations in the public and broader public sector to drive organizational and cultural change and has a proven track record of conducting business and organizational reviews and implementing sustainable business and human resource management strategies and solutions to improve organizational efficiency, effectiveness and service delivery. Teri brings a high level of human resource management and organizational design expertise to her projects along with strong business analysis skills to ensure alignment of structure to processes and business priorities. She has also delivered on a number of high profile projects where she successfully developed strategic HR change strategies, implementation and change management plans to support transitioning priorities.