Amy Miller

Amy has extensive experience in human resources with specialization in job design and description writing, job evaluation, and staffing. In addition to over 25 years as a private consultant, Amy has several years experience as a Compensation Training Officer, Human Resources Generalist and Classification Specialist within the public sector.

Amy is a senior consultant with specialty in the areas of human resource management and planning, organizational design, job analysis, job design and description writing. Amy has developed and delivered compensation and staffing training programs for human resource personnel and line managers. She has also provided job design and organizational advice, job description writing and job evaluation services for new organizations or those undergoing major structural changes.

Amy is known for her ability to take conceptual ideas and work with senior executives and managers in successfully implementing organization transformation and designs developed in conjunction with others. Amy is skilled at providing the necessary expertise to ensure the viability of the new structure through job design and structural advice to achieve business goals and objectives and to meet new and changed mandates.