David Walker

David Walker is a senior consultant who specializes in providing leadership and management expertise for both program delivery and human resource organizations in the public sector. He has over twenty years of experience providing insights into organizational development and design and has an impressive ability to deliver high quality services in a fast-paced and politically sensitive environment.

David brings skills and experience in project management, leadership coaching, program and operations review, recruitment, business process analysis, team building, facilitation and managing sensitive and complex human resource issues.

David has led organizational and cultural change projects as well as projects focused on improving service delivery and customer service. He has worked effectively with community organizations to build local services. As well, David brings unique international experience from working on two projects in South Africa and Uganda.

David has received numerous awards from the OPS for exceptional leadership, inspiration and collaboration. David is known for his ability to build effective relationships both within the organization and with clients. He believes in giving back to his organization and has dedicated significant time to mentoring, coaching and training aspiring leaders.