Robert Walker

Robert is a senior consultant with over 40 years of diverse public and private sector experience in senior management as well as internal and external consulting roles. He assists clients in:

– aligning talent strategies, programs and practices with business strategies;
– designing options for new or existing organizations to improve effectiveness and better align with new or changing business directions;
– implementing change with a focus on the people aspects of change and transition;
– improving individual and team effectiveness.

Robert has helped organizations of all sizes develop and implement human resource strategies, lead their people through change, build better workplaces, develop and retain key talent and understand and manage their key succession risks.
Recent consulting assignments include organization effectiveness, change management and talent strategies for Ontario clients in the health sector, a provincial regulatory agency and a provincial ministry.

Robert uses the best models of change and transitions management (Kotter and Bridges) to assist clients in planning and managing change. He uses lateral thinking tools with clients to innovate and bring creative solutions to new or ongoing problems.

He is a skilled Myer-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) facilitator and has used this with teams to increase their ability to make constructive use of differences, be more effective at managing change, and better manage performance through communications, feedback and learning.